Learn how to download Free library ebooks to your device.

Visit Overdrive's Help to find a variety of information and guides on using the Overdrive Media Console.

Visit the 3M Cloud Library FAQ page for some answers and additional information.

Want more personal help? Sign up to attend a Gadget Group, or make an appointment with a library staff member.

Get Started with 3M Cloud Library

Free downloadable programs needed for OverDrive:

Adobe Digital Editions - download
(For use with OverDrive and the Adobe EPUB ebooks.)

Create An Adobe ID
(Before you can use Adobe Digital Editions or the OverDrive Media Console App for Nook or Android, you will need to create an Adobe ID Account.)

OverDrive Media Console - download
(Download to your computer for use with Audiobooks & Music found on OverDrive or select one of the devices for quick access to downloading the App to your Android*, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows 7 Phone. *Android devices that do not use Google Play store, can find a link here for downloading the App straight from OverDrive.)

More Helpful Links:

Google Play Store
The majority of Android devices uses this store to acquire apps, but can also use to purchase ebooks, movies and music.

iTunes Store
Used by Apple devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch to acquire apps, but can also use to purchase ebooks, movies and music. Can also be used to purchase music for other iPod players.

Used by some Android devices to acquire apps.

Amazon.com - App Store
Kindles and Androids can use this store to acquire apps. Also use Amazon.com to purchase ebooks, music and movies.

BN.com - App Store
Nook Colors and Tablets use this store to acquire apps. Use other aspects of the Nook store to purchase ebooks, magazines or movies go to BarnesandNoble.com and click on Nook from the menu.

Next Gadget Group is Thursday, May 29*
@ 6:30PM!

* We have to skip April due to preparations for our Novel Art event. Anyone in need of assistance with borrowing ebooks from the library, please call and set up some one-on-one assistance with a library staff member. *

In order to make Gadget Group more effective, we've limiting the group to 10 people. Please stop by or call the library (724-238-6451) to pre-register, and also tell us what device you are bringing.

Two options for borrowing free library eBooks!

3M Cloud Library icon Overdrive icon

Gadgets are everywhere! They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and perform a variety of tasks, including to act as eReaders! Attend a Gadget Group and learn how to borrow ebooks and audiobooks to your device from Overdrive (ebooks and audiobooks) and the 3M Cloud Library (which is integrated with the Online Catalog). If, along the way, we also happen to learn some additional tips on our electronic devices, then all the better!

Attending a Gadget Group? Call or stop by to register. Then bring the following on group night:

Photo of WLN Library card 1. Your library card and PIN. (If you can't remember your PIN, then ask at the circulation desk and someone will either look it up or reset it for you.)

2. Your device with a fully (or mostly) charged battery and your wall charger (just to be safe).

Overdrive App and 3M Cloud Media App....
There are free Apps for both services available for Android and Apple devices as well as the Nook Color, Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire. Go to your app store and download today! If you need assistance, please call the library and make an appointment with a staff member or sign up to join the next Gadget Group. We'll be happy to help walk you through the process.


Helpful Links and How-to Instructions for eBook and Audiobook Enjoyment:

Getting Started with eReaders

eBook and eReader Glossary 1-11

Free EPUB and PDF ebooks

Overdrive Help

OverDrive Resource Center - Check Compatible Devices

Adobe Digital Editions How-to's

Most of the instructions provided on this page are in PDF format. If you experience any problems opening them, then you may need to download or upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader®.