Historic Photography Show 2013
"Along the Lincoln Highway Through Ligonier Valley"

The library and Pennsylvania Room wish to thank everyone who helped to make the exhibit such a success! A special thank you to everyone who donated materials or time, especially the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. As always we give an extra special thank you to everyone who stopped in or attended one of our programs, as you make all the hard work worthwhile! Some aspects of the exhibit are still on display and as with our previous shows, we will have binders, with materials from the show, cataloged and in the Pennsylvania Room Collection!

The Lincoln Highway (also know as Route 30) was the theme for the 2013 Historic Photography Show, selected to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway.  Photographs for the display included: hotels, restaurants, gas stations, garages and attractions along the route, as well as pictures of the road and older vehicles.

Discover more about the Lincoln Highway. The following books (and many more) can be found in our Pennsylvania Room's collection:

Photo of Lincoln Highway Companion book Photo of The Ship Hotel book


The mission of the Historic Photography Show (as well as the smaller shows held throughout the year) is to present a facet of Ligonier Valley history that is interesting, educational and may have been overlooked in the past. In addition, the photographs and documents copied become a permanent part of the Pennsylvania Room collection. This is an ideal manner of preserving our history and provides patrons with a strong base from which to conduct research.

Abandoned car along the road

The Historic Photography Show is an exhibit put on by the Ligonier Valley Library’s Pennsylvania Room staff and volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer, then stop by the Pennsylvania Room (see hours on the left) and speak with a staff member.