Join us October 7th at 2:30pm in the Smart Room for a visit with Jazmin Henkel, with a special reading from her new book Raging Tides at 3pm. 

Raging Tides is an epic story revolving around a mythical place and time; or is it merely legend? Could it be that Atlantis truly existed in a time when the Earth was vastly different from our present day? Jazmin Henkel spins a captivating tale involving characters who display aspects of the human experience at a time when the mind and body were more capable of what now might be called superhuman feats. This includes the age-old battle of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and truth vs. deception. One of the most endearing aspects of the characters who represent “good” is that they are still flawed, making them all the more believable, which is the undercurrent of Raging Tides. Look closely and you will find historical, geological and scientific evidence subtly woven throughout the book giving it a unique dimension that sets it apart from other epic fantasy fictions. While we may not have indisputable evidence of the existence of Atlantis, you will find plenty to ignite your curiosity and, if you are so inclined, by utilizing the index and bibliographies included in the book. These references were specifically used in hopes of properly capturing an ancient civilization that was not only advanced and sophisticated, but existed thousands of years before mainstream historians would have us believe. Jazmin has built a world on a solid evidential foundation laced with all the desirability of an epic fantasy world with robust characters, scenic sweeping imagery that leaves the reader wanting more of the ride that the Raging Tides series will surely provide.         -Goodreads

Henkel will have copies available for purchase via cash or Venmo for a special rate of $18 per book.


About the Author: Jazmin Henkel's love of writing and storytelling began at a young age when she won a national poetry contest. Over her life, she has written articles, newsletters, columns for local papers, and now, a book series. Her winding path has allowed her to gain a significant perspective on this thing we call life. It is her wish to layer her experiences into these books, and it is her greatest hope to pass along some of her knowledge and wisdom in these pages. It is with great appreciation that she must thank her husband, her father, and all those who helped make this story come to life.