Food for Thought - A Cookbook Club is ready to get cooking in August! 

Join us on Monday, August 29 for "Muffin Tin Meals" from 5:30 - 6:45 PM.

Novice and experienced cooks (and eaters) are welcome! The club meets bi-monthly and is free and open to the public. Preregistration is required - when you register, you will need to select your recipe. There will be a maximum of 12 participants, so sign up early!

How cookbook club works:

  • We will keep a copy of the selected cookbook(s) near the main circulation desk at Ligonier Valley Library.
  • Participants MUST sign up prior to the meeting and select one recipe from one of the selected cookbooks.
  • Use a post-it note to mark the selected recipe with your name (so we know who is making what and can prevent people from choosing the same recipe). 
  • Library staff will make a copy of the recipe from the cookbook for you to take with you. The cookbook is not available for circulation while it is a club selection.
  • After you select your recipe, register your name, phone, and recipe title and page number on the registration sheet provided.
  • Bring your own place setting (plate, silverware) and drink for each meeting.
  • You should make and bring one regular-size recipe—enough that everyone gets a taste. There is no need to double or triple recipes.
  • Recipes should be prepared at home prior to the meeting. If necessary, the library’s kitchen has a microwave and oven that you can be used for re-heating.

A different cookbook will be selected by the group for each meeting. Members will dicuss recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, cooking methods, styles, and share delicious food with friends!