Join us October 25th from 6-7pm for a spooky hour with storyteller, Alan Irvine in our Community Room (library's lower level). Alan will tell stories that start out funny and light, but as the hour progresses the stories will get scarier. This is a program for all ages, so if you like ghost stories dont miss it!


About Alan

Many years ago, Alan Irvine worked as a camp counselor in the Louisiana   pine woods. One night, after lights out, he needed to do something to pass   the time until the kids in the cabin fell asleep. Thinking back, he   remembered a ghost story he heard years ago. When he told the story,   something clicked; the kids in the cabin liked it and clamored for more. From   that point on, Alan continued to tell stories in the cabin after lights out,   around bonfires, while out on camping trips. For years, Alan's ghost stories and humorous tales kept everyone huddled   close to the campfire. In time, his repertoire of stories grew to  include   folk tales and legends, Irish and Celtic tales, Pennsylvania history,  tales of King Arthur and other heroes, Shakespeare and more. Alan tells his tales at many diverse venues including libraries,  schools, colleges, and festivals. He was a Commonwealth Speaker for the  Pennsylvania Humanities Council for many years. He has appeared at  Renaissance Festivals, Irish Festivals,  science fiction conferences.

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