Finals are here and they can be stressful.
Using the Liminal app, unwind in virtual reality during Teen Time in the Smart Room three Tuesdays in May (5/9, 5/16, & 5/23) from 3pm-6pm.

To register for this program:

  1. You must have a library card. If you do not have one, sign up here then stop by the circulation desk to retrieve your card.
  2. You must have your parent/guardian fill out and sign a liability waiver. The waiver can be downloaded from this page or filled out at the circulation desk. 
  3. Sign up for your 20 minute time slot. There are 9 time-slots each week so be sure to hurry!

About the Liminal app from Quest store:

"Explore a range of emotional and cognitive states with our ever-growing collection of experiences.
Relax and unwind within ethereal landscapes, hypnotic experiences, guided meditations, and breathing visualizations.
Conquer the stars, fight killer bots, destroy asteroids or launch into space to perk yourself up during the day.
Expect the unexpected and defy the laws of physics in weird and wonderful awe inspiring adventures.

The Meta Quest Pro Health & Safety Manual is available through this link.

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